What is a Learnership?

Learnerships are structured programmes combining theory with practical skills within a working environment. Learners that are accepted on a Learnership, study towards a qualification which is registered on the National Qualifications Framework. A Learnership Agreement is drawn up and concluded between the employer, the learner and the accredited training provider for the duration of the Learnership programme.

Benefits of Learnerships

  • Learnerships increase relevant skill base and talent pool within your organisation;
  • Skilled people make for better employees, which increases productivity in your organisation’s workforce;
  • Learners are motivated as they are gaining working experience and at the same time are working towards achieving a recognised Qualification;
  • Learners, if employed after successful completion of the Learnership, are less likely to leave the orgainsation as they know there will be investment in their development;
  • SETA grant allocation towards Skills Development programmes;
  • B-BBEE points contribution as per Skills Development programmes;
  • SARS offers organisations tax incentives for Learnerships that are registered with the organisation’s primary SETA;

To assure your company gets the maximum benefits from Learnership Training you need to make use of a reputable and experienced Training Provider such as Academy Training Group (ATG).

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