What is a Learnership?

  • A learnership is a training programme that combines theory at a college or training centre with relevant practice on-the-job. There is no learnership if there is no on-the-job practice.
  • Learnerships are the most effective means of complying with the new BEE scorecard which requires that companies spend 6% of their gross salaries and wages in order to measure the Skills Development component of the scorecard.
  • The SETA’s release grant funding for learnerships on a bi-annual basis.  These grants often come in the form of work readiness opportunities (new employees), skills programmes (existing employees) or full learnership qualification programmes (for both new and existing employees).

What are the benefits of a learnership?

  • Learnerships increase relevant skill base and talent pool in your organisation
  • Skilled people make better workers which increases productivity in your workforce
  • Obtain R60 000 rebate on each learnership
  • Obtain R120 000 rebate on learnerships for the disabled
  • SETA grant allocation towards  Skills Development
  • B-BBEE points contribution as per Skills Development priority element 18.1 (employed) and 18.2 (unemployed) learnerships
  • They are more likely to do the correct thing the first time
  • Skilled people tend to be more independent workers
  • They are more motivated because they know what they are doing is important

Employers can also offer learnerships to unemployed people for training.

What are ATGs Learnerships on offer?

Study field



Registered Department of Labour Learnership number

Accounting and Business Financial Management


Fasset SETA (ICB)


National Certificate - Bookkeeping (NQF L3) SAQA ID 58375


Further Education and Training Certificate - Bookkeeping (NQF L4) SAQA ID 58376 01/Q010015/00/120/4

National Diploma - Technical Financial Accounting (NQF L5) SAQA ID 36213


Business Administration Services SETA Further Education and Training Certificate - Business Administration Services (NQF L4) SAQA ID: 61595 23/Q/230032/54/140/4
Business Management Fasset SETA (ICB) National Certificate - Small Business Financial Management (NQF L4) SAQA ID: 48736 01/Q/010023/24/120/4
Contact Centre Support Services SETA National Certificate - Contact Centre Support (NQF L2) SAQA ID 71490 23/Q/230021/15/128/2
Education and Training Development ETDP SETA National Certificate - Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (NQF L5) SAQA ID 50334 07/Q/070028/24/120/5
End User Computing Mict SETA National Certificate- Information Technology: End User Computing (NQF L3) SAQA ID 61591 12/Q/120020/40/130/3
Entrepreneurship Fasset SETA (ICB)

National Certificate - Small Business Financial Management (NQF L4) SAQA ID 48736


Higher Certificate - Office Administration (NQF L5) SAQA ID: 23619


Office Management Fasset SETA (ICB) Certificate - Office Administration (NQF L5) SAQA ID: 23618 01/Q/010021/00/120/5
Higher Certificate - Office Administration (NQF L5) SAQA ID: 23619 01/Q010021/00/120/5
Project Management Services SETA Further Education Training Certificate- Generic Multi-sector Project Management (NQF L4) SAQA ID 50080 23/Q/230008/20/120/4

Public Sector Accounting


Fasset SETA (ICB)


National Certificate - Public Sector Accounting (NQF L4) SAQA ID: 20352


Diploma - Public Sector Accounting (NQF L5) SAQA ID 20353



01 Q 010014 00 120 3